2023 KIA Picanto - Owner's Manual - RHD (UK, Australia) (570 pages)

Model: 2023 KIA Picanto
File size: 44 MB
Pages: 570 pages

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Locking: Pressing the button of the front outside door handles with all doors (and tailgate) closed and any door unlocked, locks all the doors (and tailgate). If all doors (and tailgate) and engine bonnet are closed, the hazard warning lights will blink once to indicate that all doors (and tailgate) are locked. The button will only operate when the smart key is within 0.7~1 m (28~40 in.) from the outside door handle.

If you want to make sure that a door has locked or not, you should check the door lock button inside the vehicle or pull the outside door handle. Even though you press the outside door handle buttons, the doors will not lock and the chime will sound for 3 seconds if any of following occur: The smart key is in the vehicle. The ENGINE START/STOP button is in the ACC or ON position.

Any door except the tailgate is open.