2009 KIA Picanto - Owner's Manual - RHD (UK, Australia) (332 pages)

Model: 2009 KIA Picanto
File size: 31.54 MB
Pages: 332 pages

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Manual Description
To the housing of the mirror and then fold it adjust the position of either mirror, move toward the rear of the vehicle. If you run out of fuel, it could cause the engine to misfire and result in excessive loading of the catalytic converter. At warning light will blink for approximately this time, if the seat belt is fastened, the 6 seconds each time you turn the ignition chime will stop at once.

The warning the parking brake and brake fluid warning deeper and harder than usual when light should go off when the parking light illuminates when the ignition switch braking. With the engine stopped, check the this case, shift down the brake fluid level immediately and add transaxle. It is the responsibility 5 km/h (3 mph), the system may not be of the driver to always check the activated correctly.

Sharp or slim objects such as ropes, installed equipment or accessories or the sensor is no longer blocked. The distance, size or material, all of hazard warning lights will operate even which can limit the effectiveness of though the key is not in the ignition the sensor. The system automatically turns off the exterior lights when the driver removes the ignition key and opens the driver-side door.