2008 KIA Cerato - Owner's Manual - RHD (UK, Australia) (333 pages)

Model: 2008 KIA Cerato
File size: 38.74 MB
Pages: 333 pages

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Manual Description
If the fluid level is not sufficient, you will need to add 1 appropriate non-abrasive windshield washer fluid to the washer reservoir. The air conditioning compressor operation will resume 6 once engine coolant temperature returns to the normal range. If two types of diesel approved fuels will not be covered by 6 fuel are available, use summer or the manufactures warranty.

Examples of misuse are 9 coasting with the ignition off and descending steep grades in gear with the ignition off. Remember, engine warm-up may extra fuel is required to accelerate 5 take a little longer on cold days. You could be temporarily blinded, and it 9 will take several seconds for your eyes to readjust to the darkness.

Cold temperatures reduce drive cautiously even when the roads the capacity of any battery, so it are clear. Damage to your 9 vehicle caused by improper snow chain use is not covered by your vehicle manufacturers warranty. And if you approximately 40% of the total the body of your vehicle when you will tow a trailer, you must add the trailer load.