2006 KIA Cerato - Owner's Manual - RHD (UK, Australia) (318 pages)

Model: 2006 KIA Cerato
File size: 8.34 MB
Pages: 318 pages

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Manual Description
If the fluid level is not sufficient, you will need to add 1 appropriate non-abrasive windshield washer fluid to the washer reservoir. To close the vent, 7 directed to the windshield rotate it upward to the maximum with a small amount of air position. The air conditioning compressor operation will resume 6 once engine coolant temperature returns to the normal range.

All inspections and 2 flammable items under your open area for more than a short adjustments must be made by an vehicle. Examples of misuse are coasting with the ignition off and descending steep grades in gear with the ignition off. Remember, engine warm-up may 5 extra fuel is required to accelerate take a little longer on cold days.

Dirty or pavement can cause a skid and 7 improperly aimed headlights will possibly lead to an accident. You 9 could be temporarily blinded, and it will take several seconds for your eyes to readjust to the darkness. Cold temperatures reduce 4 the capacity of any battery, so it must be in excellent condition to provide enough winter starting 5 power.