2004 KIA Cerato - Owner's Manual (315 pages)

Model: 2004 KIA Cerato
File size: 68.16 MB
Pages: 315 pages

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Manual Description
It's a company that has thousands of employees focused on building high-quality vehicles at affordable prices. Always remove the ignition key, engage the parking brake, close all 8 windows and lock all doors when leaving your vehicle unattended. If a front seat is reclined, 2 the occupant's hips may slide under the lap portion of the safety belt applying great force 3 to the unprotected abdomen or neck.

Lean forward slightly and lift up on the seatback recline lever located 6 on the outside of the seat, at the rear. Each seating position belt fits snugly around the safety belt, have an authorized in your vehicle has a specific hips. Never safety belt assembly that drive or ride with a twisted or includes a buckle and tongue belt over your waist; it should jammed safety belt.

If any tongue plate or buckle is not locked, it will increase the 7 chance of injury in the event of collision.