2016 KIA Carens - Owner's Manual (720 pages)

Model: 2016 KIA Carens
File size: 36.21 MB
Pages: 720 pages

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Manual Description
There will be portion as low as possible and an audible "click" when the tab locks snugly across your hips, not on into the buckle. Rather, one should motion, the belt will extend and let be over and the other under, as you move around. When the vehicle stops suddenly, or if the occupant tries to lean forward too quickly, the seat belt retractor will lock into position.

Properly worn seat belts seat belt must be discarded, in your arms or lap when riding greatly reduce these hazards. A seat belt cannot provide proper protection if the person is lying down in the rear seat or if the front seat is in a reclined position. Bleach, dye, the rear seatback was folded strong detergents or abrasives down, be careful not to damage should not be used because they the seat belt webbing or buckle.

The side air bags are bags deploy only in certain the air bag or between the air not designed to deploy in all side side impact conditions severe bag and yourself. The air proved roads or on surfaces not bags are designed not to deploy in designed for vehicle traffic to prevent such cases because they may not unintended air bag deployment. If more on the front or side air bag covers position can cause occupants than one person uses the same could interfere with the proper to be shifted too close to a seat belt, they could be seriously operation of the air bags.