2018 KIA Cadenza - Owner's Manual (502 pages)

Model: 2018 KIA Cadenza
File size: 9.76 MB
Pages: 502 pages

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Manual Description
Additional options can be set with press and hold sequences of the button and are detailed below. This innovative need to be re-calibrated to quickly will appear on the display. Press and hold the handheld appropriate steps in the transmitter button.

Wait until the engine is mate amount of fuel remaining in the ture of the engine coolant when the cool before adding coolant to fuel tank. If the engine is not stopped either the alternator or electrical immediately after the engine oil charging system. Stop the vehicle as soon as it is makes the vehicle unstable safe to do so.

It is the responsibility looking over both shoulders as of the driver to always check the well as continuously checking all inside/outside rearview mirrors and three rear view mirrors. The spray and wiper operation will continue until you release the lever. Set the temperature control to the return the control to the fresh air desired position.