2012 KIA Cadenza - Owner's Manual (375 pages)

Model: 2012 KIA Cadenza
File size: 15.06 MB
Pages: 375 pages

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Manual Description
Close the window and continue pulling reversal feature, the automatic window up on the driver's power window switch reversal will not operate. If it is not latched, the hood could fly open while the vehicle is being driven, causing a total loss of visibility, which might result in an accident. The sunroof are safely out of the way before glass will close then the sunshade close closing a sunroof.

The mirror are closer than they vehicle to a warm place and allow mirror indicator light will turn off. Use the tachometer to select the correct shift points and to prevent lugging and/or over-revving the engine. Wait al fuel as soon as possible after the until the engine is cool before warning light comes on or when the adding coolant to the reservoir.

On inclines or curves, the fuel gauge pointer may fluctuate or the low fuel warning light may come on earlier than usual due to the movement of fuel in the tank. If the brake brake fluid level immediately and add parking brake is released while the warning light remains on, have the fluid as required. Do not drive the vehicle if leaks are found, the warning light remains on or the brakes do not operate properly.