2015 KIA Borrego - Owner's Manual (420 pages)

Model: 2015 KIA Borrego
File size: 41.56 MB
Pages: 420 pages

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Manual Description
It is the responsibility of the driver to always check the area behind the vehicle before and while backing up. When the sensor is frozen or stained which can limit the effectiveness of with snow or water, the sensor may be the sensor. Always perform a visual inoperative until the stains are inspection to make sure the vehicle removed using a soft cloth.

At this time, the emergency lighting is turn off automatically if the driver parks not turned off when the headlight switch on the side of the road at night. If an indicator stays on and does not flash or if it flashes abnormally, one of the turn signal bulbs may be burned out and will require replacement. Otherwise, wipers may front of the engine compartment on the windshield glass facing the rain operate and ice may damage the passenger side.

In this case, controlled to direct the air discharged the system works sequentially according from the outlet. Most of the air flow is directed to the floor and the windshield with a small amount directed to the side window defrosters. To clean the ashtray, the plastic receptacle should be removed by lifting the plastic ash receptacle upward and pulling it out.