2014 KIA Borrego - Owner's Manual (417 pages)

Model: 2014 KIA Borrego
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Pages: 417 pages

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Manual Description
The air bags are rollover sensor detect a sufficient impact designed not to deploy in such cases or rollover. Such heavy braking lowers the rollover accidents because front air collides with objects such as utility front portion of the vehicle causing it to bag deployment would not provide poles or trees, where the point of ride” under a vehicle with a higher additional occupant protection. We also want you to be aware of the risks which adults are exposed to that have been described in previous pages.

If the keyless dures will ensure that your vehicle's an airport which can interfere with entry system is inoperative due to glove box compartment can not be normal operation of the smart key. To avoid injury in the event of an accident or sudden stops, occupants should always be properly restrained. If it is not the hood with an obstruction latched, the hood could open present in the hood opening may while the vehicle is being driven, result in property damage or causing total loss of visibility, severe personal injury.

By saving the desired positions into the system memory, different drivers can reposition the driver seat, outside rearview mirror and steering wheel based upon their driving preference. If ice should restrict hand and right-hand outside rearview the movement of the mirror, do not mirrors. Objects seen in the vehicle to a warm place and allow adjust the position of either mirror the mirror are closer than they the ice to melt.