1996 Toyota Paseo - Keys and Doors (14 pages)

Model: 1996 Toyota Paseo
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Manual Description
Your vehicle supplied with two, to protect things locked trunk when, you have your vehicle parked, leave, since the doors and trunk lid can be.

Locked without a key, you should always, carry a spare master key in case you accidentally lock your keys inside vehicle, such as your wallet, not vehicle, if you should lose your keys you need.

Additional keys, duplicates can be made, by a Toyota dealer using key number, you should also put a copy key, lOCKING AND UNLOCKING WITH INSIDE LOCK BUTTON.

Insert the key into keyhole turn, to lock: Turn key forward, to unlock: Turn key backward, vehicles with power door lock system—Both side doors lock and unlock simultaneously with either side door.

Driver's door lock, turning key once will, unlock the driver's door and twice in succession will unlock both side doors simultaneously, to lock: Push button downward, to unlock: Pull button upward.

Closing the door with lock button, pushed in will also lock the door, to lock: Push the switch front side, to unlock: Push the switch rear.

Both side doors lock unlock simultaneously, before driving, be sure that side, doors are closed and locked, especially when small children, seat belts, locking side doors.

Helps prevent the driver and passengers from being thrown out, the windows can be operated with, the ignition key must be ON” position, push the switch completely down.

To stop the window partway, lightly pull, switch up then release it, as long as you hold switch, to open: Lightly push down switch.

To close: Pull up switch, the window move as long you hold, to open: Push down switch, the driver's door, passenger's window.

To avoid serious personal injury, you, s Always make sure head, hands, and other parts of the body of all occupants kept completely inside, the vehicle before you close.

Head or hands gets caught in a closing window, it could result in a serious injury, power windows, be sure that they, s When small children are in the vehicle, never let them use power, to prevent them from making unexpected use switches.

S Never leave small children alone, the vehicle, especially with the ignition key still inserted, keep the trunk lid closed while driving, from being thrown out but also prevents exhaust gases entering.

To open the trunk lid outside, insert the master key turn it clockwise, part for precautions to observe loading luggage.