2021 RAM 1500 Classic - Owner's Manual (376 pages)

Model: 2021 RAM 1500 Classic
File size: 26.44 MB
Pages: 376 pages

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TOWING TIPS: Before setting out on a trip, practice turning, stopping, and backing up the trailer in an area located away from heavy traffic. Automatic Transmission The DRIVE range can be selected when towing. The transmission controls include a drive strategy to avoid frequent shifting when towing.

However, if frequent shifting does occur while in DRIVE, select TOW/HAUL mode or select a lower gear range (using the Electronic Range Select (ERS) shift control). NOTE: Using TOW/HAUL mode or selecting a lower gear range (using the ERS shift control) while operating the vehicle under heavy loading conditions will improve performance and extend transmission life by reducing excessive shifting and heat build up. This action will also provide better engine braking.

Tow/Haul Mode To reduce potential for automatic transmission overheating, activate TOW/HAUL mode when driving in hilly areas, or select a lower gear range (using the (ERS) shift control) on more severe grades.