2015.5 Opel Mokka - Owner's Manual (229 pages)

Model: 2015.5 Opel Mokka
File size: 6.57 MB
Pages: 229 pages

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Manual Description
It is only permissible to fit objects to the rear carrier system if the system has been correctly engaged. Secure both bicycle wheels to the wheel recesses using the strap retainers. Position the bicycles on the rear adapter underneath the lever carrier system alternately aligned when folding back the rear carrier to the left and to the right.

Release lever and check if the similar to the attachment of the first each other. The always unfold the wheel recesses mounting brackets should be for the next bicycle if necessary. Make sure the rear seat belt and buckles do not get pinched under the rear seat cushion.

Do not place any unsecured the backrests are securely objects in the interior. Distribute the load evenly and secure it properly with retaining straps. Adjust the tyre pressure and vehicle speed according to the load conditions.