2012 Lincoln MKZ - Navigation Manual (200 pages)

Model: 2012 Lincoln MKZ
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Pages: 200 pages

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Manual Description
Recording (saving) music your jukebox, accessing the music your jukebox, pairing your phone through your navigation system, modifying your phone book call history.

Text messaging with your navigation system, connecting your digital media player SYNC௡, supported player, media formats metadata information, accessing and using your USB port.

Using the Auxiliary input jack (Line in), adding a new device in discovery discoverable mode, the information contained in this publication was correct at the time going, specifications, design or equipment at any time without notice obligation.

Part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted, stored retrieval, system or translated into any language in any form by any means without our, your vehicle is equipped with a mobile media navigation system which, allows you to listen to, record and save music, play DVDs (audio.

Video), navigate the vehicle and operate climate control functions (if, your system has a large range of features, yet is easy use, screen is the primary means for operating the system through use, its vertically tabbed menus, text screens menu displays.

Selections are made by touching the desired area touchscreen, the tabs” along the left side of the screen represent major, screen will display for the majority of the time once system turned, the System Overview chapter for more information.

Is shown on the touchscreen display and supplemented with voice, in order to prevent the navigation system distracting you while, driving, access to certain functions are restricted when vehicle, traveling above mph (8 km/h).

Menu items are available for destination entry, touchscreen keyboard during destination entry (Street address, POI, travel Link™ subscriptions (if active) such movie times, ski, conditions, sports scores and scrolling weather map.

Editing/Adding entries in Avoid Areas List, jukebox restrictions such as creating/editing playlists, sorting playlists, editing track, artist album names, note: If your vehicle is equipped with SYNC௡, similar features will be.

When the vehicle begins to move and the Select Route Screen shown, the highlighted route is automatically selected guidance begins, when the vehicle speed is reduced to 5 mph (8 km/h) less, system, restrictions are lifted and you have full access system.

SYNC௡ is a hands-free communications entertainment system that, literally 'syncs up' with all other multimedia systems your vehicle, sYNC௡ delivers convenience with voice activated calling hands-free, conversations, digital media player command and control well easy.

Chaotic, but inside, with SYNC௡, it's always a smooth ride, welcome to the new world of ingenuity and passion - technology that, sYNC௡ offers a variety of phone and media features, such as, play your digital music through voice activated commands.

Use voice recognition to access your cell phone's contact list, transfer an active phone conversation hands-free environment, play music stored on your digital media player, use your device while charging through USB port.

Listen to music streaming from your Bluetooth௡ enabled cellular phone, advanced voice recognition system fluent in English, French Spanish, wARNING: Driving while distracted can result loss vehicle.

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