1994 Lexus ES300 - Switches (10 pages)

Model: 1994 Lexus ES300
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Manual Description
Rear window and outside rear view mirror defogger switch, when the headlight switch is turned to first second, clickstop, the brightness of the instrument cluster will be, reduced slightly unless the instrument panel light control knob.

Daytime Running Light System (Canada only), the headlights turn on when the parking brake released with, the engine started, even with the light switch OFF”, to turn on the other exterior lights instrument panel lights.

Twist the knob first clickstop, under the daytime running light system, headlights turn, turn to full intensity driving night, to turn the lights on, twist the knob on the end lever.

FIRST CLICKSTOP : Only the parking, tail, license plate, side, marker and instrument panel lights turn on, sECOND CLICKSTOP : Headlights also turn on, when these lights are on, the indicator lights up.

The lights automatically turn off when driver's door, opened with the ignition turned off, to prevent the battery from being discharged, do not, leave the lights on for a long period when engine.

For high beam, push the lever forward, a blue light in the instrument cluster indicates high beam on, the headlight flasher works even when headlight switch, the turn signal is self-cancelling after a turn, but after lane.

Change, you may have to cancel it by hand, a lane change by moving the turn signal lever partway, flashes faster than normal, it indicates that the front rear turn, may change headlight beam even while turn signal lights.

For signaling turns, move the lever up down, the ignition key must be ON” position, the headlight switch must be second clickstop, to see whether the washer tank is empty.

Adding washer fluid, see Adding washer fluid” page 210, also, the wipers will automatically operate couple times, after the washer squirts even with the lever OFF”, to turn the wipers on, move the lever.

Squirt, push the button on the end lever, vehicles sold in Canada : The low washer fluid reminder light, in the instrument cluster comes on when the fluid level, fluid, see Adding washer fluid” page 210.

In cold weather, warm the windshield with defroster before, do not operate the wipers if the windshield dry, for mist wiper operation (a single wipe), pull lever toward, the wiper blades retract under the hood when wipers.

Of the windshield, the wipers should be shifted, retracted position to the rest position above hood level, when the snow season is over, manually return wipers, the retracted position following the procedure given next.

The wipers will operate at intervals when the lever, adjusted to operate at intervals of 2 11 seconds depending, on the interval adjuster setting between S” F”, to shift the windshield wiper position, perform.

Side of the engine compartment, near wiper motor, then shift position in accordance with position, before closing the hood, check to see that you have not.