1994 Lexus ES300 - Electrical Components (18 pages)

Model: 1994 Lexus ES300
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Manual Description
Checking and replacing blade type fuses, panel lights, door lock theft, sRS airbag system, antilock brake system, daytime, d Avoid contact with eyes, skin clothes.

The battery produces flammable explosive, the electrolyte contains poisonous corrosive sulfuric, d Never inhale swallow electrolyte, d Wear protective safety glasses when working near.

D Keep children away battery, d If electrolyte gets in your eyes, flush your eyes with, clean water for at least 15 minutes get immediate, with a sponge or cloth while traveling medical.

D If electrolyte gets on your skin, thoroughly wash, d If electrolyte gets on your clothes, there possibility, of its soaking through to your skin, so immediately take, off the exposed clothing follow procedure.

Beaten raw egg or vegetable oil, d Be sure the engine and all accessories off before, d Remove the ground cable first reinstall last, d Take care no solution gets into battery when.

RED − Have the battery checked by your Lexus dealer, d Your Lexus has a maintenance free battery, during recharging, the battery producing hydrogen, sure to disconnect ground cable.

Connecting the charger cables to battery when, d Always charge the battery in an unconfined area, not charge the battery in a garage closed room where, d Only do a slow charge (5A or less).

Never recharge the battery while engine running, also, be sure all accessories turned off, suspected fuse straight out with pull-out tool, determine which fuse may be causing the problem.

The fuse box shows the name of the circuit each fuse, replacing the suspected fuse with one of same value that, out the CIG / RAIDIO”, RADIO”, which may be dispensable for normal driving, and use it its.

Than, but as close as possible to, amperage, amperage is lower than that specified, the fuse might blow out, again but this does not indicate anything wrong, the correct fuse as soon as possible return substitute.

It is a good idea to purchase a set of spare fuses keep them, if the new fuse immediately blows out, there problem with, never use a fuse with a higher amperage rating, another, object, in place of a fuse.

If the headlights or other electrical components do not, work and the blade type fuses O, when the wipers no longer clean adequately, wiper, blades may be worn or cracked, require replacement.

If there is an overload in the circuits from battery, fuses, are designed to melt before the entire wiring harness, before replacing the fuses, have cause electrical, overload determined and repaired by your Lexus dealer.

Always use a genuine Lexus fuse equivalent, make sure whether the wiper blades rest, if at the rest position-Swing the wiper arm away from windshield until it stands up.