Best Sunglass Holders for Cars

Some people wear sunglasses while driving for fashion, while for others it is a safety device. When the sun shines directly into your car and you are constantly frowning – it is difficult to see the road ahead. You can do with the sun with a protective visor, it does not always save. Especially when the sun sets and is already low above the horizon – you feel almost blind. At that moment, we start fussing in search of sunglasses. They need to be always at hand. So we need a holder for them.

Which holder to choose so that the glasses are undamaged, without scratches and in an accessible place?

We offer you a fairly simple tool for attaching your favorite sunglasses. It is quite durable, made of carbon fiber. The holder is designed for two pairs of glasses and even a credit card he can hold. 

The sunglasses holder is securely attached to the sun visor, but does not irritate you, because it is not in line with your eyes.

The holder can rotate 180 degrees, so the glasses can be mounted both vertically and horizontally.

This holder is designed for ladies drivers who love something beautiful in their own car. This eyeglass clip with two packages is inlaid with crystal rhinestones. We have a choice of six colors. Choose your favorite.

Each clip will hold one pair of glasses, is one clip for each visor, so that your partner can hang their sunglasses. 

The sunglasses holder is well attached to the visor of the car and remains in place. There is a protective sponge on the inside of the holder, so your sunglasses will not be scratched. If you like a little shine and color in the interior of your car – choose this holder – thin and elegant.

This case and holder for sunglasses completely covers your sunglasses. It has a solid body with ABS, providing complete protection against bumps and scratches.

Cover size 7 x 2.7 x 1.7 inches, suitable for sun visors for cars, trucks and SUVs, as well as for any size of glasses. To get the glasses out of the case, just press once. That is, your gaze is focused on the road, and your hand gets the glasses.

This cover is fastened by means of double clamps. They are wide enough to support the body, and at the same time not to create any indentations in the visor. 

The inside of the holder has a soft velvet-like material to prevent scratching the glasses. On the back of the case there are two slots where you can easily store cards.

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