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Arguably one of the most iconic car brands, Volkswagen captured the collective imagination of car owners across the world with its “people’s car,” the Beetle. The “Love Bug,” an epithet lovingly conferred by the eponymous Hollywood movie was a runaway hit, and continued to be produced for over half a century until 2003. By then, the Bug had registered sales of more than 21 million cars, across the planet.

Volkswagen went on to introduce others cars that also boasted a cult following, such as the Golf in its initial avatar, and the GTI whose sporty style made hatchbacks sought after by car lovers.

Despite the overwhelming historic popularity of its compact cars, Volkswagen did not hesitate to explore new avenues. In 2002, the Tuareg SUV marked the company’s entry into the segment, while the Tiguan compact crossover continued the brand’s push into new frontiers. Driving pleasure — combined with practicality — remains Volkwagen’s forte, as it continues to add to its stable of hatchbacks that boast high mileage and SUVs aimed at families loyal to the German brand.