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If you live in a snow-bound state, and are looking for a car that can handle snowy road conditions, look no farther than a Subaru. The Japanese pride themselves on their innovative ability and the Subaru provides ample proof. Traction is enhanced and the center of gravity lowered, thanks to an all-wheel-drive system and a horizontally opposed engine.

The Subaru was born when Fuji Heavy Industries, a manufacturer of airplanes during the second world war, decided to diversify into automobile manufacture in 1953. Half a centrury later, in 2005, an 8.7% stake of Subaru was acquired from General Motors by Toyota Motor Corp. Subaru enjoys a substantial presence in Asia, Europe, Canada and US.

Subaru made its mark in rally racing, thanks to the all-weather traction boasted by cars from its stable, leading, in turn, to sporty cars for consumers, best exemplified by the Subaru WRX which debuted in 1992.