Electrical System (Section EL) (in English) 199 pages

1987 Nissan 300ZX – PDF Electrical System (Section EL)

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Get the same level of information about your 1987 Nissan 300ZX vehicle that your official dealer has. Every single element of service, repair and maintenance is included in this fully updated workshop manual. From changing a wiper blade to a full engine rebuild, every procedure is covered with simple step by step illustrated instructions.

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Language: in English
Pages: 199 pages

Manual Description
CHARGING SYSTEM – Alternator EL- 32, mETER AND GAUGES – Digital type c o m b i n a t i o n meter, – Needle type c o m b i n a t i o n meter, mETER AND GAUGES – Needle type c o m b i n a t l o n gauge.

AUTOMATIC SPEED CONTROL DEVICE (A S C, all harness connectors are designed so that they do not become loose disconnected accidentally, the connector can be disconnected by pushing or lifting locking section, do not pull the harness when disconnecting connector.

Normal Open, Normal Closed Mixed Type Relays, relays can mainly be divided into three types normal open, normal closed mixed type relays, lanilion C C S system, kickdawn Seat belt tmimn reducer.

Lack up control unit Shock abwrrber control system, g-C Radio Radio amp Clack Time control unit, door mirror dsfwgsr Theft warning control unit, meter IDigitall Gaugs (Digitall Hcadlamp washer.

A melted fusible link can be detected either by, visual inspection or by feeling with finger tip, condition is questionable, use circuit tester test, if fuse is blown, be sure eliminate cause.

C Do not install fuse oblique direction, always, insert it into fuse holder properly, critical circuit (power supply large current, carrying circuit) is shorted In such a case, carefully check and eliminate cause problem.

Tape Extreme care should be taken wlth, link to ensure that it does not come into contact with any other wiring harness vinyl, c Never add distilled water through the hole used check specific gravity, check the charge condition battery.

The following precautions must be taken to prevent over-discharging battery, the battery surface (particularly i t s top), should always be kept clean dry, periodically check the specific gravity.

Electrolyte Keep a close check charge, battery to discharge Always keep battery, when the vehicle is not going to be used over, long period of time, disconnect negative.

Battery terminal (If the vehicle has an extended storage switch, turn it off ), do not allow battety fluid to come contact with, skin, eyes, fabrics, painted surfaces, touching a battery, do not touch rub your eyes.

Until you have thoroughly washed your hands, the acid contacts the eyes, skin or clothing, immediately flush with water for 15 minutes seek, normally the battery does not require additional, water However, when the battery used under.

Severe conditions, adding distilled water may be, to maintain serviceability, perforated line has, been added t o battery caution label, remove the cell plug using suitable tool.

Add distilled water up MAX level, when a battery has been left unattended long, period of time and has a specific gravity less, than it will be completely discharged, resulting in sulphation cell plates.

Compared with a battery discharged under normal, conditions, the current flow in a “sulphated” battery is not as smooth although i t s voltage high, during the initial stage of charging.


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