Cooling Systems (Section LC) (in English) 18 pages

1984 Nissan 300ZX – PDF Cooling Systems (Section LC)

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Get the same level of information about your 1984 Nissan 300ZX vehicle that your official dealer has. Every single element of service, repair and maintenance is included in this fully updated workshop manual. From changing a wiper blade to a full engine rebuild, every procedure is covered with simple step by step illustrated instructions.

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Pages: 18 pages

Manual Description
ENGINE LUBRICATION SYSTEM – O i l Pump, eNGINE LUBRICATION SYSTEM – O i l Pressure Relief Valve, eNGINE LUBRICATION SYSTEM – Lubricating Oil Passage Turbocharger, cOOLING SYSTEM – Electric Cooling Fan Turbocharger.

SERVICE DATA AND SPECIFICATIONS ( S D S 1, gallery i n cylinder block, additional lubrication circuit turbocharged model, stop engine and remove oil pressure switch.

The above table shows data tested when SAE, oil is used and oil temperature between, will be found because of oil viscosity or oil temperature If difference is extreme, check oil passage, start engine and check oil pressure with engine.

In case of on-vehicle service, refer Oil Pan, always replace with new oil seal gasket, when installing oil pump, apply engine oil inner, be sure that O-ring properly fitted on.

ENGINE LUBRICATION SYSTEM -Oil Pumption, check oil pressure regulator valve sliding surface valve spring, if it exceeds the limit, replace gear set entire oil, using a feeler gauge, check following clearance.

ENGINE LUBRICATION SYSTEM – Oil Pressure Relief Valve, -Lubricating Oil Passage TurbochargerDisassembly Assembly, after installation, run engine for a few minutes check leaks, to avoid danger of being scalded, never attempt to drain coolant when engine hot.

Always replace with new gasket O-ring, refer to Changing Engine Coolant section, if the hoses connecting engine heater have, been disconnected t o dismount heater core.

Work before filling with engine coolant, set the heater temperature lever button t o, disconnect the upper hose water cock, and fill the heater core unit with 500 mP (16.

Apply pressure t o the cooling system b y means, a tester t o check leakage, apply pressure t o radiator cap b y means cap, never remove the radiator cap when engine IS.

Hot, serious burns could be caused by high pressure, wrap a thick cloth around cap and carefully remove the cap by turning it a quarter turn allow, built-up pressure to escape and then turn cap, check hoses for proper attachment, leaks, cracks.

Damage, loose connections, chafing deterioration, cOOLING SYSTEM -Water PumpDrain coolant from right side drain cocks on cylinder block radiator, when removing water pump assembly, be careful, t o avoid deforming timing cover, make sure there.

Is adequate clearance between cover hose, after installing water pump, connect hose, clamp securely, then check leaks using cap, cOOLING SYSTEM -ThermostatDescription (Bottom by-pass coolant flow).

Drain coolant from drain cocks on cylinder block side radiator, remove radiator shroud, cooling fan and water suction pipe securing bolt, then remove thermostat, check for valve seating condition ordinary, check valve opening temperature rnaxlmum valve lift.

Then check if valve closes a t 5°C (9°F) below, before removing radtator, remove front bumper assembly, when filling radiator with coolant, refer M A section.


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