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A legendary German carmaker, Porsche has established its reputation by putting high-performing cars on road. Porsche began to woo its cult following with the 356 model. The nimble 356 with its low curb weight caught the fancy of car lovers.

Porsche engineers did not rest on their laurels. They adapted with changing times and went on to develop a completely dufferent car that boasted better power and an improved chassis. 1964 witnessed the launch of the iconic 911, easily recognizable for its sleek personality bolstered by an innovative flat-six engine. Half a century later, the 911’s iconic status remains unimpaired.

Porsche has since forayed beyond sports cars, and the launch of the Cayenne proved to car buyers that Porsche engineers could evoke the performance of a dedicated sports car out of an SUV. The pragmatic four-door design of the Panamera accounts for its popularity with car lovers. In the new millennium Porsche continues its technology driven thrust in the automobile market.