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Performance driven vehicles styled innovatively have boosted the image of Japanese automaker Nissan, across the world. Nissan began operations in the 1930s. However, the company did not sell cars badged as Nissan when it entered the United States. Their trucks and cars sold under the Datsun nameplate impressed US buyers. The company shed the Datsun badge in favor of Nissan in the mid-1980s and continued to sell quality vehicles.

On the back of a reputation built on reliable, performance-driven vehicles, the company decided to foray into manufacturing luxury vehicles aimed at upscale customers. This decision led to the formation of the Infiniti brand name in 1989.

State of the art technology and an uncompromising reputation for safety have resulted in a fleet of cars and trucks renowned for their quality. Nissan offers a full range of vehicles, including trucks and cars. The company has stayed true to its innovative philosophy by producing all-electric cars as well as hybrid vehicles.