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Edsel Ford created Mercury in 1938, as a division of Ford Motor Company, aimed at selling entry-level premium vehicles. From 1945-2010, Mercury represented half of Ford’s Lincoln-Mercury division.

The marque grew steadily until sales fell during the economic recession of the late fifties. But the sixties witnessed a revival and in 1967, Mercury launched its most successful models ever, the Cougar and the Marquis. The iconic models sustained the company’s fortunes through the seventies. Falling sales in the eighties were arrested with the launch of the Topaz in 1984. Thereafter sales fluctuated only to revive briefly in 1993. But by the turn of the century, the company began slimming its lineup.

A last-ditch effort in 2008 by Ford to brand Mercury as a women’s car failed and the company’s fortunes continued to spiral until its ultimate closure in 2011.