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Lincoln has been synonymous with luxury cars in America for over a hundred years. The automaker began rolling our vehicles in 1917 when Cadillac founder Henry Leland decided to launch a company bearing his hero Abraham Lincoln’s name. Ford bought lincoln in 1922, and within a decade established Lincoln as a premium brand. The launch of the Zephyr in 1936 gave Lincoln a cult vehicle inspired in its design by the Burlington Zephyr express train.

Folloing on the Zephyr’s success came the Mark II and Continental, both of which became the preferred limousines of US presidents. Then came the Town Car in 1981, a model that would become the company’s flagship offering for decades to come.

Lincoln chose to adapt with the times and catered to American tastes with the Navigator, a luxury SUV. In recent years, the MKZ sedan and the Nautilus crossover have helped underscore Lincoln’s American-style fusion of style and technology.