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Land Rover has earned a reputation for manufacturing quality vehicles that can survive in the toughest terrains. A fully-equipped Range Rover — a upscale luxury SUV model from the Land Rover stable — commands a price tag that runs into six figures. Jeep is the only older four-wheel-drive automaker than Land Rover.

Tata Motors has since acquired Land Rover to form a Jaguar/Land Rover subsidiary. Launched originally in 1948, the Land Rover has a body made from “Birmabright,” a rustproof alloy of magnesium and aluminium, underscoring that its longevity is owed to its corrosion proof construction. In fact the longevity of the Land Rover is best understood when we consider that more than two-thirds of all vehicles produced the company are still running.

Land Rover offers a range of four-wheel-drive models to woo car buyers.