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After the oil crisis of the early 1970s, Japanese automakers established themselves with modestly priced cars that boasted great fuel economy. In the 1980’s, following the economic boom in the United States, these car manufacturers began to look further afield at an emerging market for luxury cars.

Nissan, Honda and Toyota were first off the block, vying for a share of the luxury sedan car market. Nissan fired their first shot by launching Infiniti in 1989, with two models: the four-door Q45 and the two-door M30. The chrome and laminated woods that dominated luxury car design in the 1980s gave way to Infiniti’s interiors that flaunted padded leather and softer colors. Subdued luxury was the name of the game but Infiniti had to wait until 2003 when the launch of the G35 propelled the brand image of the marque to put it virtually on par with the sport sedans that identified German luxury models. The breakout hit of the G35 and Infiniti’s successful follow-through with the FX crossover helped cement Infiniti’s claim to leadership in the new terrain.

At the turn of the millennium, Infiniti sought to highlight its performance virtues while continuing to retain its refinement and comfort. Since 2013, Infiniti’s crossovers sedans, and coupes have been identified by the letter Q prefixed to the name of the model, while their crossover and SUV models have been using the letters QX.