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Italy literally earned its automaking stripes on the back of the success of FIAT which began operations at the turn of the twentieth century. Numerous vehicles from the FIAT stable have earned cult status, as for instance the 500 microcar of the 60s and the ragtop 124 Spider.

FIAT experienced a virtual renaissance in the United States when it launched the latter-day version of the FIAT 500 in a variety of styles that caught the fancy of American car buyers. The runaway success of the iconic car led to the expansion of FIAT’s lineup, including the 500X, 500L and a revived 124 Spider.

Compactly designed and affordably priced, FIAT’s car offerings boast the perfect formula to woo buyers. The heady mix of driving pleasure and Italian design aesthetics have made FIAT a fun choice for new converts and old aficionados alike.